Small, but luckily multipotent, “Betterfly Studio” is located in Belgrade, Serbia, in the heart of Southeastern Europe.
It has been established in 2009, as an extension of our previous activities in entertainment industry and applied arts — comics, 3d modeling, multimedia, illustrations and concept art...
Spiritus movens of “Betterfly Studio” is Rade Tovladijac, art director and chief producer, acclaimed in Southeastern Europe as visual artist, but also being a professional of an extensive multimedia experience.

(Yes, the very same guy who authored all these “Batman”, “Modesty Blaise”, “James Bond”, “Phantom”, “Dracula” and other cover illustrations)
Other “Betterfly Studio” associates also include internationally recognized professionals: visual artists Zoran Tucić and Vujadin Radovanović; screenwriter Zoran Stefanović; technical producer Rade Mladenović etc.
And we are not living in the vacuum — the studio has strategic partnerships with regional productions for comic books, movies, animation and multimedia.

See you in the good mood. And days full of forthcoming fun!