June 8, 2010. We are declassifying! Homepage of the studio introduce the first public info about „Marina and the End of the Universe“ game.
May 24, 2010. Marina, our main and beloved character, migrates to comic books realms! Belgrade S.O.K.O. Studio /TIA Janus/ will be responsible for the adaptation, based on the first Marina game.
May 4, 2010. Guess who will save us of 2012! The very first game about most charming science geek of the 21st century, enters pre-production phase under the adrenaline title: "Marina and the End of the Universe"! Art director and producer is studio's chief Rade Tovladijac. Script writes Zoran Stefanović, science fiction writer and screenwriter. "Marina" is an "click and point" adventure, targeted to general public.
November 21, 2009. Ready, steady, go! After nine months, technical preparations for "Betterfly Studio" are over. February 26, 2009. Alea iacta est! Decision to establish The Studio. "Betterfly" is the most exact definition of the things we generously offer to the Mankind.